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Tour suggestions and package tours

If you want to book your own accommodation and plan your daily distances yourself, we have compiled tour suggestions with various themes.

The suggestions are always based on existing routes: whether you want to cycle along waterways, smell the sea or travel along the shores of Lake Saimaa. Spice up your trip with  a boat or traditional cable ferry crossing, or try canoeing. If your chosen theme is lakes and waterways, select "Routes by the water" to view different options. "Cultural landscapes" features tours that cycle through the best of beautiful village and cultural landscapes. And since cycling with the whole family is another popular way of  touring in Central Europe, we have also included fun family options to spend time together. There are plenty of suggested options including accommodation to choose from. You can also plan your trip to be of certain length.

If you prefer to get a tailored package deal, your travel agency can book your accommodation for you. The package can also include transport, bicycle hire, meals and route maps and guides. This is an easy way to get started on your trip. These options are indicated with a "package tour" sign.

Choose yours and get on the way!

Each tour suggestion site features a silhouette map on the left side of each route page showing the location of the route using the division by the Finnish Tourist Board into Northern Finland, the Finnish Lakeland, coastal and archipelago areas as well as the capital region. Below the silhouette map, you find the ”See map” link that you can click to access the Google Maps view of the suggested tour, including the route, services and sights as well as other things cycling tourists may find of interest.

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